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We currently offer two elementary school programs. The first is our 8 week introductory program where we offer kids a crash course into the basics of acting and theatre etiquette. This program covers everything kids need to know before going on to act or perform wherever their hearts take them.

This beginners program starts with teaching kids how to approach a scene and then goes on to practice animal aspects, voice for the stage, and stage presence. It ends with a final showcase for all the kids' family and friends to come and see what their little ones have been working on!

*This program is generally for kids aged 8+

Exceptions can be made depending on the recommendation of the individual schools' administration.*

The Cloak & Dagger is currently offering both a beginner and an intermediate acting program for high school students. Similar to the elementary program, our 8 week sessions cover either the basic building blocks of acting (beginner courses) or delve deeper into the skills needed to move towards a theatre based career (intermediate program). 

The beginners program takes teens through the basics of being on stage. From vocal projecting to upstage downstage, students learn the basics of theatre vocabulary and build confidence and prescence for the stage.

The intermediate program prepares teens who are looking towards a more serious acting based goal. In this 6 week intensive program students learn all the necessary elements of acting and actor's etiquette that they may need before pursuing a career in acting. This program includes a lesson on management as well as a self-producing lesson geared towards encouraging teens to write and produce their own work in the future. This program is ideal to prepare teens for college theatre programs and provides them first hand with coaching by past students from the John Abbott Professional Theatre: Acting Program.

*The intermediate program is recommended for teens from 9th to 11th grade, though no age restrictions apply unless otherwise specified by the institution at which the courses would be taking place.*

Our performance program is offered to all ages and areas of study! This program focuses on preparing kids or teens for a final performance of an age appropriate play or musical. With 8 weeks to prepare, kids start with learning the basics of being a part of a play by being thrown into the fun!

The program begins with an audition (don't worry you're already in!) to show kids what the real play process is like, no worries because we always have a part for everyone! These auditions are ment to give kids an idea of the process, but they won't need to prepare anything ahead of time. After that they are thrown into the rehearsal process as we work towards the final performance. 

*This program is open to all ages!*